Build your website with A.I.

HTML Forge is a Web-Based application that converts a physical hand drawn User Interface mockup into HTML5 code by leveraging the power of Machine Learning. HTML Forge was designed to speed up work-flow, and allow developers and students alike to speed up their web development tasks by simplifying the prototyping process into a simple upload and convert button. HTML Forge aims to reduce the repetitive work of development, and help kick start your project.

Simple Workflow

Creating your website with HTML Forge is simple. Follow the following steps and you will have your website up and running in no time.

Step 1:
Sketch your Design

We've turned a set of commonly used designs into sketchable building blocks. It is modularized, and expandable.

Step 2:

Upload a sketch from any device. Ensure your document is centered, and well exposed under good lighting.

Step 3:
Review and Edit

After the A.I. processes your request, you can still review and edit Labels before generating your website.

Step 4:

The code is generated and available for you to preview or download.

We provide Convenience and Speed!

Responsive Design

Generated source code is reponsive, clean, and easy to edit.

Robust AI Model

Implemented with Google’s newest machine learning service AutoML.


It scales with all devices and supports all browsers.


Sketch to working website in only seconds


Service is cloud based; No processing happens on your device.

Download your code

Download your source code right away or view it live.

Sketch with our building blocks

Use our design blocks to simplify the workflow.

In every feature, simply add a solid rectangular border around it.

This will ensure the design to be more contained.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do I get started?

Draw a sketch of you website using our guidelines! Upload the sketch to our App. And thats it, you're done.

Q2: Is the website generated functional?

The website generated does not have logic. It only a static website designed to make prototying easier and later edit yourself to suit your needs.

Q3: How can I customize the website generated?

After the website is detected, you can continue through the next steps of converting it into HTML code. The HTML code will be generated for you and a live preview will be shown with it. You can download the generated code to edit it and continue fine tuning it!

Q4: How do I add multiple pages to my site?

At this time adding multiple pages to one website is not available. To make a new page you have to restart the process of generating a new website.

Q5: Is there anything else I need to know?

This application uses the power of machine learning to build you a prototoype website with simple steps of Draw -> Upload -> Generate -> Done! Thats how easy we wanted website prototoying be rather than going through the hassle of setting up layouts manually.


Team members

Waqas A Latif

Back-End Server Logic
Server Deployment

The server is "running"

Khalid Kmq Qubbaj

Web Developer / Back-End
Block Interpreter

Did you pull first?

Hsuan Han Lai

AI Machine Training
OpenCV Image Processing

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